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Even the skies are crying
Screaming their anger through the night
Making a show of it

A vast display of beauty
Capturing my attention
I sit in awe
admiring the strength and determination
of Mother Nature
her commitment to her feelings
regardless of the consequences

She pours her heart out
unto our lives
washes away the hurt in her soul
but not from mine

knowing this is her reminder
that circumstances can change
in the blink of an eye
I sit here bewildered
because everything
still reminds me of you

I cannot fathom why you are gone

And so the waterfall from the clouds
is reflecting my sadness
The vivacious lightning
fighting through the darkness
is reflecting you
proving that you are still there
spreading your captivating light across the sky

You have the best view in the house
My Sweet Friend

I just wish the price you paid wasn't so high

 © Ang Boyce 2012

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